Reasons for to choose MBA

BE+ MBA is the best combination in the corporate world.

Engineering education doesn’t tell you much of anything about how business works. After engineering MBA is the best option for growing career.Several companies have found it’s actually even cost-effective to pay for their engineers to go back to school and get MBAs after working for them a little while.

Pursuing an MBA after engineering has become a trend among engineers in the last decade. In fact most of the toppers of management entrance exams like CAT are engineers from IITs.

  • In India, MBA graduates get paid more than their engineering counterparts.
  • Engineers find it quite easy to crack CAT, XAT, SNAP and other MBA entrance exams, since a major component of these entrance exams are the Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning sections which are a cakewalk for engineering students.
  • Engineering is considered a “safe bet“. Following it up with an MBA is the “safest bet.”

Engineers joining management give multitasking ability for engineers. For example if an engineer has done MBA for acquire management skills, get job in technical department of any company. That engineer can also handle management responsibility as well. This helps to increase their salary package, so national economy as well. In the competitive market scenario companies require multitasking employees. This is one of the reasons for engineers joining management.


Career after MBA

Once you know why you want an MBA degree, you should be prepared with a knowledge base of jobs that require this degree. Based on that, you may nurture your career interest.

-job opportunities after an MBA:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Information System Management:
  • Investment Banking
  • Management Consulting
  • Data analytics
  • Private Equity
  • Entrepreneurship