In India there is lack of job opportunities to engineers. so that there is opportunity to create a  job for others. Entrepreneurship and Job Opportunities are one of the career option for Engineers. After engineering you can start your own business, start your own firm and provide job to others. business idea reach your career at top level. work at your own style.

Career After Engineering

key aspects to being entrepreneurial are vision and opportunity. Being entrepreneurial allows an engineer to be more strategic in a project or in an organization. This means he or she can wear different hats and contribute in multiple ways. Being involved at multiple, cross-disciplinary levels can give an engineer a broader perspective on the end result of the project, sometimes resulting in engineering insights and decisions that improve the final product.

Although an entrepreneur is generally defined as an individual, a group or an organization can also be entrepreneurial. Just as an individual can add other disciplines to his/her technical base, groups can do the same. When individuals of different skills come together and collaborate to pursue a common goal, the team can be entrepreneurial.

While the “services” sector has dominated the attention and interest of many in India, led by IT sector and then financial services, the next decade could well be the one characterized by “manufacturing” with “innovation”. If that be so, it will throw up an unprecedented demand for engineers and engineering services.

For those with an entrepreneurial inclination, “innovative engineering and
manufacturing” led entrepreneurial opportunities will be in abundant supply. And there would be a huge sector that would give immense opportunities. But why are you looking for opportunities? if you are capable of creating opportunities for others.

Who doesn’t want to be his own boss?challenging career option after B.tech. We say it challenging because with minimal work experience, at times it gets very challenging to survive in cut throat competition coming from established and experienced business set ups.